Volume 4 Issue 7 [July, 2018]

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July, 2018


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Ajay Bahadur Pratap Kewat

Right to Information Act: Participation of Citizens in Good Governance

Ehsaas Bhadhoria Critique on the concept of Rule of Law Download
Abhijit Bansal & Tarun Ghai Case Commentary on Vishaka V. State of Rajasthan Download
Gagana M Sports- Edifying Women’s Era Download
Sutapa Ghosh The Protection of Women from Domestic Violence Act, 2005: Case Study in Uttar Dinajpur District, West Bengal Download
Anuragsheel Gupta The Controversy of the Bhopal Gas Tragedy and Its Civil Liability Download
Dr. Caesar Roy Hearsay Rule and Doctrine of Res Gestae – An Analytical Study with Reference to Indian Evidence Act, 1872 Download
Sandra N. S A Study on Unfair Trade Practices in India Download
Rakesh Chandra Media Interaction and the Judges : Conventions need a Relook Download
Rashi Choudhary

Case Comment on Dr. Kunal Saha V. Principal Secretary,

Department of Health and Family Welfare, Government

of West Bengal

Bhawna Nanda A Study on the Application and Implications of Health Insurance Policies in India Download
Shrutika Shridhar Sedition in India Download
Shikhar Sharma & Yuvraaj Paul Criminal Defamation: Retaining The Colonial Legacy of Restrictions on Freedom of Speech Download
Atipriya Gautam A Comparative Study of the Law of Contract under the Civil Law and the Common Law System via India and France Download
Sakshi Duggal & Saumya Sinha Khap Panchayats- Transgressing Constitutional Ethos Download
Aarvi Singh Anti-Defection Law: legality versus legitimacy Download
Syamsudin Noer Recusal at The Constitutional Court of Indonesia Download
Chandrasekhar Pillai Section 377: Is It Needed For India? Download
Urvashi Bandhu Surrogacy Law in India- An incomplete delivery of Law and Justice. Download
Amrita Chakraborty Surrogacy and it’s Legal Implications: A Comparative Study Download
AARYA JHA Decriminalisation of homosexuality in India Download
Abubakar Orisankoko A Perspective on the Limitation of the Territorial Implementation of the GDPR Download
Sunidhi Bansal  The Efficacy of the remedy of Continuous Mandamus in India Download

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